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“Every moment a voice from beyond calls to our soul to wake up and become truly alive.” – Dr. David Benner

 The Sacred beckons us…we are each on a unique Quest . Our yearnings, desires, and longings lead us on a path through mystery and transcendence to the Divine, or that which is greater than us. 

Spiritual Direction is having a spiritual friend and companion on your journey listening with you, as you respond to this call from within for a deeper relationship and connection with the Divine, or as some know as God.


“The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.” -Teresa of Avila

Spiritual Direction is the intentional creation of Sacred Space for the Sacred Quest.  It is a hospitable, private, and safe space where your physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries will always be honored and respected.  It is a non-judgemental space where your searching and questions, spiritual and religious background will be respected.  It is a space of generous listening where you can tell your sacred story. Confidentiality is always observed. 


 “God is delighted to watch your soul enlarge.” -Meister Eckhart

 Individual Spiritual Direction sessions are usually scheduled once a month,

and they are customarily 60 minutes in length.  The fee is $125.00 per session.  A sliding fee scale based on household income is available upon request. 


“The journey never happens alone.” -Richard Rohr

Group Spiritual Direction sessions are available for spiritual leaders and clergy after they have participated in individual spiritual direction for minimum of 3 months. The groups meet monthly. Sessions are 1 ½ hours in length; the fee is $30.00 per session. A sliding fee scale is available.







Spiritual Direction is about our spirituality which includes every aspect of our lives–nothing is “off limits”. The following subjects and resources are often part of spiritual direction:

  • Spiritual but not religious
  • Questioning and exploring
  • Spiritual growth and formation
  • Vocation and Calling
  • Spiritual/connection practices and rituals
  • Discernment/guidance/direction
  • Sacred wounds, religious wounds, and soul wounding
  • Toxic faith, toxic churches, and church hurts
  • Spiritual and Religious boundaries
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Spirituality and Sexuality
  • Spirituality and addictions/codependency/recovery
  • Deconstruction & Reconstruction 
  • Experiencing God/everyday mysticism/healthy mysticism
  • Shadow Work & Dream Work
  • False Self & True Self
  • Rule of Life
  • The Deeper Journey
  • Mindfulness & Heartfulness
  • Contemplation and Action
  • Retreat

Two intensive 90-day, 12 week, Spiritual Coaching programs are available, Spiritual Bootcamp and Religious Deconstruction/Spiritual Reconstruction, for those who feel they want and desire more intensive soul work. 

Spiritual Life Coaching