Self Care Is NOT a Luxury

Discovering your True Self, realizing your dreams, accomplishing your goals, these are truly priceless. The best investment you can make is in yourself. 

Below you will discover our rates for individual sessions and our 90-day Intensive programs. Group Spiritual Direction rates are also available upon request.

Spiritual Direction


Per Individual Session 

  • -60 minutes 
  • -Once a month
  • -FREE 30-minute Discovery Session 

*Sliding Fee Scale Available Upon Request

  • **Group Spiritual Direction Available 

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Life & Health Coaching


Per Individual Session

  • -60 minutes
  • -Weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly
  • -FREE 30-minute Discovery Session

*Sliding Fee Scale Available Upon Request

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90-Day Lifestyle Programs


or $450/month

Transform your life TODAY!

Choose From

    • -The Healthy Heart Lifestyle 90-Day Intensive

    • -Total LifeStyle Transformation
    • -Spiritual Bootcamp
    • -Religious Deconstruction and Spirituality Reconstruction
    • -90 Days to Deep and Meaningful Relationships (individuals & couples)
    • -Career Fulfillment and Transformation
    • The Total Money Makeover
    • -FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session
  • *Sliding Fee Scale Available Upon Request

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                   Scope of Practice Disclaimer

Spiritual Direction, Life and Health Coaching is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and treatment, mental health advice/treatment, counseling, or nutritional advice from a physician, therapist, mental health practitioner, dietitian or nutritionist, or any other healthcare or wellness professional. Do not disregard or delay taking or seeking any medical advice, treatment, or any medication, or other professional advice based on  your current needs.  If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician or health professional before undertaking or changing any health protocol and/or physical activity.

Life and Health Coach Scope of Practice Overview

As a certified Life and Health Coach, I have been trained to work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to support their life and health. I coach individuals on habit change, behavior, and lifestyle change and possess the skills required to create trust and rapport with clients. The coaching process empowers clients to draw on internal strengths, develop self-knowledge, and embrace strategies for making lifestyle changes necessary for an optimal life and optimal health. As a Life and Health Coach, I do not prescribe, diagnose, and/or treat disease nor do I do the work of a physician, a mental health professional, a counselor, a dietician and a nutritionist. In the event my client has a medical condition, I advise my client to discuss their medical condition with their doctor or health professional. If I become aware of anyone needing these services–I am quick to make referrals. As a Life and Health Coach, I guide, educate, and support my clients.